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I write in three genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Techno-thriller.  It's all about the the adventure and a plausible storyline that excites the reader on every page.  If you're looking for a great read, I think you will find much to enjoy in my novels.

Emlarad is a classic fantasy series that begins with a reality twist, a dash of the paranormal, and a hint of existential philosophy thrown in for good measure. An adventure that begins in this world, and leads to a land of clear-running streams, verdant forests, and pristine meadows, a serene and perfect world inhabited by a timeless race, a land where an ancient conflagration, steeped in magic and intrigue, burns just beneath its placid surface.  The story begins in The Call of Distant Emlarad, continues in book two, The Mortal Road, and comes to a head in soon-to-be-released book number three:  The Overcoming.

In The Exiles of Erde, I explore a riddle of evolution imbedded in a saga of survival and the human spirit.  Is humanity truly Earth's dominant species?  What would 65 million years of evolution do to propel another species into dominance over Man?  What strange forms would their society take?  Find out the brutal truth on Erde.  Read a preview in the link below.

The Corsairs of Allah is a frightening story depicting a very real possibility, one that could spell the end for the United States and plunge the world into chaos.  Is America really too blind to see the danger, or will a few brave individuals be able to avert a world-destroying disaster?  Read a preview in the link below.

The Call of Distant Emlarad

Now available in paperback and Kindle versions.​

The adventure begins when William Weatherly undergoes a near-death experience. He wakes up with the nagging feeling that he has lost a year of his life during the hour he was unconscious - a year he believes he spent as someone else.  But his "memories" lie beyond the boundaries both of Earth and of reason, and they slowly begin to tear his life apart.  Under hypnotherapy the astounding story of his alternate life as Cedric Garamond of Emlarad unfolds.  These revelations will change his life - and the lives of those around him - forever.

Book II in the Chronicles of Emlarad:
The Mortal Road

Now available in paperback and Kindle versions.​


"Travel between worlds is never easy.  One must either possess the deep magic required to manipulate the void, or place oneself in the hands of those who do.  Very few people have the power or skill to do this properly – and Cedric Garamond was not one of them..."

Cedric's return to Emlarad is not at all what he expected.  Lost and unable to remember his life on Earth, he must fight to survive.  No longer William Weatherly, he now walks the Mortal Road, the path that will lead him either to immortality, or death. It is a perilous journey that will involve him in the war between two great kingdoms on Emlarad, and plunge him deep into the the mystery he came to solve.

Coming  in 2023 . . . 
Book III in the Chronicles of Emlarad:
The Overcoming 


Available soon on Amazon.

The culmination of all the strife and turmoil in books 1 and 2 comes to a head when Cedric decides to undergo the ritual challenge that will release the magic latent in his blood.  To succeed in the Overcoming is to become immortal, and much depends on his ability to navigate - and to survive - the three trials.  To succeed he must tame the power growing within him and solve The Riddle of the Earth, a seed planted deep in his soul by his grandmother and coveted by his enemies.  And looming over all is the ancient legend of Zu, the great serpent, who holds the strings to Cedric's fate.

Exiles of Erde cover.jpg
Coming soon . . . 
The Exiles of Erde

The distant planet 'CNC552' was being terraformed as a new home for humanity's burgeoning population.  It was an unremarkable backwater planet with no indigenous life other than a few primitive plants and a profusion of macro-algae.  But the arrival of a resupply ship finds the outpost deserted and the terraformers brutally slain.  For the crew, this routine supply mission quickly turns into a life-or-death struggle.  An unknown ship arrives in orbit and destroys the supply vessel, and the surviving humans on the surface are suddenly being hunted by an alien race that strongly resembles a nightmare from Earth's prehistoric past.  The saurians are also searching for Earth-like planets to inhabit, and for one planet in particular, and they have no love for human competitors.  If the humans are to survive, they must learn all they can about these brutal aliens, the beautiful and dangerous home world they inhabit, and their mystical and caste-like society.

Coming . . . 
The Corsairs of Allah

Mac Hinckley retired from the FBI with nothing more on his mind than cruising his sailboat peacefully through the Sea of Cortez, doing some fishing, and occasionally drinking a few beers with his buddy, ex-marine Grover Bannon.  But when he stumbles across an incredible plot to smuggle stolen Russian MIRV warheads into the U.S. aboard recreational sailboats, Mac's retirement takes an unexpected turn.  With no hard proof and no legal standing in Mexico, he must unravel the mystery using his own contacts and slim resources.  Unfortunately, Mac left the FBI on less than cordial terms, and his former superiors in Washington have little patience with his conspiracy theories.   Regardless, Mac cannot wait idly by while the gears of bureaucracy turn.  He and his ragtag band of friends and allies have only one chance to prevent the coming destruction of America.


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