Coming in 2018 . . . 
Emlarad II​:
The Mortal Road

Cedric's return to Emlarad is not at all what he expected.  Lost and unable to remember his life on Earth, he must fight to survive.  No longer William Weatherly, he now walks the Mortal Road, the path that will lead him either to immortality, or death. It is a perilous journey that takes him deep into the bitter struggle between the warring kingdoms of Emlarad, and launches him on a voyage of discovery within himself as well as those he loves. He must learn quickly if he is to defeat the powerful forces arrayed against him and unravel the mystery he came home to Emlarad to solve.

Chapter 1 (preview)

The Sword and the Wristwatch





Traveling between worlds is never easy.  One must either possess the deep magic required to manipulate the void, or place oneself in the hands of those who do.  Few people have the skill to do this properly – and Cedric Garamond was not one of them.


He was only dimly aware of his surroundings as he stirred from the deep sleep the enchantment had placed on him.  He was alive – which counted for quite a lot at the moment.  His somehow knew he had crossed an unfathomable gulf of space and time to reach Emlarad, the home of his clan.  He could never mistake the familiar magical energy of this world; it emanated from the very rocks that now dug into his ribs.  He knew Emlarad as a place of astonishing beauty, although it could also be a dangerous one, and he had come home.  But a feeling of profound dread came over him as his mind stirred to consciousness.

Slowly physical sensation returned, and it was not pleasant. He felt the dank rock, hard and cold, under his back.  He was soaking wet, and the stink of algae, seaweed, and stale air filled his nostrils – the oily, pungent reek of tidal flats and rotting kelp, accompanied by the sickly sweet odor of dead fish.  The very air he breathed felt slimy and foul.  Painful cramps knotted his legs and back; his fingers were numb with cold.

Cedric opened his eyes… to nothingness.

Darkness engulfed him, a cold emptiness that stirred his rising fear.  He lay painfully pressed onto a bed of stone.

With a groan Cedric tried to raise his arm, but was shocked to find he could not move, and suddenly realized he was wedged into hard bedrock above and below.  He felt entombed in blackness, wrapped in a straightjacket of solid stone as cold as any grave.  No sound; no light.  A feeling of horror surged up in his subconscious mind.

Something touched his cheek.  Tiny feelers brushed his ear.  A small creature – an insect or perhaps a tiny crustacean – scurried across the back of his neck on prickly wet feet, causing a spasm of panic.  Cedric gasped and cried out.  His voice sounded flat and loud in the confined space – a suffocating, claustrophobic sound.  The tiny creature scuttled across his scalp and down to his chest.  He could do nothing but grit his teeth in response.  His pulse raced as the grim reality of his situation became clear.  This couldn’t be; it was impossible.  Impossible!

Where am I?  the question screamed in his mind, tinged with terror.  But he already knew the answer.  It whispered to him the ghastly truth.


I’m buried alive, in a coffin of stone.

. . . the story continues . . .