Tales of High Adventure . . .


From the Plains of Rune to the deserts of Baja, and from to the sacred mountain of Cyphalythos to the shores of ancient Dunland, adventure beckons!  The limits are as high as your imagination can fly, and as deep as the well of all human experience.

I believe that our escapes from reality must always be tempered by plausibility. We need to believe in the story.  We need to know that it could be true.  The narrative should seem as real to us as our waking reality, a dream wherein we can render each moment in time like a memory, and a lens through which we can examine ourselves anew.  To be apart from the mundane for even a few hours, and refresh our souls from the fountain of imagination... that is the beauty of fiction.



“You could travel our universe for an eternity and never find it, because simple distance is not the measure that separates Emlarad from Earth.  Don’t ask me how I know this, but it is true.  I’ve learned that there is a vast interdependent continuum, with pathways to other worlds – hidden ways that link us to worlds where immortals dwell.  There are many such paths, lying right here under our noses.  But we have convinced ourselves that they do not really exist, preferring the contrived chaos of our current existence to the breathtaking reality of the continuum.  And so, for most of us on Earth, the road to immortality is closed.  Do you understand what I am saying to you?”  ~ William Weatherly

We chose it for our book club and everyone loved it. I enjoyed how Hugh Vincent meticulously built the characters and weaved them into realistic relationships. Watching Bill's struggle with true self, Cedric, between dream and reality, is he psychotic? His psychiatrist is forming this diagnosis and his wife isn't far behind. Definitely a human story depicting Cedric's hero's journey, a satisfying adventure with a sense of purpose and inspiration. Excellent research and understanding of medieval style living went into this book. Lots of exciting action, battles, a real page turner.

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